Supercharge Your Workloads: Harnessing the Power of the HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus Server

DL385 G10

In today’s digital era, businesses face ever-increasing demands for processing power and data storage. To keep up with these demands, it is crucial to invest in high-performance servers that can handle heavy workloads efficiently. One such server that promises exceptional performance is the HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus. Developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), this server is designed to provide a powerful computing infrastructure capable of supercharging your workloads. In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of the HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus server and how it can help businesses achieve optimal performance and scalability.

Unleashing Powerful Performance

The HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus is equipped with advanced technologies and innovative features that make it a standout performer in the server market. Powered by AMD EPYC™ processors, this server delivers exceptional performance and high core count, enabling it to handle even the most demanding workloads. With up to 64 cores and 128 threads, the DL385 Plus can effortlessly handle complex calculations, virtualization, and data-intensive applications, boosting overall productivity.

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The server’s scalable memory architecture supports up to 4TB of DDR4 memory, providing ample space for data-intensive workloads and ensuring fast and reliable data access. Additionally, the DL385 Plus supports high-bandwidth I/O with multiple PCIe slots, allowing for seamless integration with various storage and networking options.

HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Plus v2 server

Enhanced Security and Reliability

When it comes to business-critical operations, data security and system reliability are paramount. The HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus incorporates advanced security features to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats. It offers built-in firmware security with HPE Secure Encryption, preventing unauthorized access to data and ensuring data integrity throughout its lifecycle.

Moreover, the server includes HPE Silicon Root of Trust technology, which provides a hardware-based security foundation, protecting the server against firmware attacks. The DL385 Plus also supports secure boot and secure recovery, adding an extra layer of protection to the system.
To ensure continuous operations, the DL385 Plus is designed with high-reliability features such as redundant power supplies and fans, as well as advanced error-correcting memory capabilities. These features minimize downtime and enhance system availability, crucial for businesses that require uninterrupted performance.

Versatile and Scalable Architecture

The HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus offers a versatile and scalable architecture that can adapt to changing business needs. It supports a wide range of storage options, including solid-state drives (SSDs), hard disk drives (HDDs), and NVMe drives, allowing businesses to optimize their storage infrastructure based on their specific requirements.

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The server’s modular design facilitates easy expansion and upgrades, ensuring that it can accommodate future growth and emerging technologies. With a variety of PCIe slots, businesses can add additional network adapters, accelerators, or storage controllers as needed, maximizing the server’s performance and versatility.
Furthermore, the DL385 Plus is compatible with virtualization technologies such as VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM, making it an ideal choice for organizations leveraging virtualized environments. Its high-performance capabilities, combined with virtualization support, allow businesses to consolidate workloads, improve resource utilization, and reduce operational costs.

As a trusted provider of cutting-edge technology solutions, Promise Computer Technology LLC understands the importance of optimizing workloads and maximizing performance. The HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus server is a game-changing solution that aligns perfectly with Promise Computer Technology LLC’s commitment to delivering high-quality, high-performance IT infrastructure.

By harnessing the power of the DL385 Plus, businesses can unlock a whole new level of performance and scalability. Its advanced features, such as the AMD EPYC™ processors, scalable memory architecture, and high-bandwidth I/O, ensure that even the most demanding workloads are handled with ease.
Moreover, the DL385 Plus offers enhanced security measures, protecting sensitive data and ensuring business continuity. Its robust and reliable design, with redundant power supplies and error-correcting memory capabilities, guarantees uninterrupted operations.

At Promise Computer Technology LLC, we recognize that every business is unique and has specific requirements. The DL385 Plus’s versatility and scalability make it an ideal choice, allowing for seamless integration with various storage and networking options. Whether it’s consolidating workloads through virtualization or adapting to future growth, the DL385 Plus can evolve alongside your business.

By partnering with Promise Computer Technology LLC and adopting the HPE ProLiant DL385 Plus server, businesses can supercharge their workloads, improve productivity, and gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.
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