Expanding Your Innovation Engine with Dell PowerEdge Servers

Imagine that you were in a data center ten years ago, and while looking at the servers, you recognized that they were essentially built on the same technologies. They all came with similar CPUs, similar memory, and similar drives. They even all came in similar form factors. Your server environments were largely homogeneous — and with the advent of virtualization, they became even more homogeneous because one virtual machine was essentially just like another virtual machine. The days of every server living in a data center are in the past. Today’s workloads put servers closer to the end user than ever before, in environments previously impossible, and for purposes not even dreamed of ten years ago. As today’s organizations are pushing the envelope around innovation, they’re finding it necessary to build a heterogeneous server infrastructure, with different servers that offer different capabilities for different workloads.They’re also finding it necessary to extract the maximum value out of every server through right-sizing and right-featuring their servers to avoid overprovisioning, adding unused capabilities, and spending money that isn’t necessary.

The era of Intelligent everything is here and it brings new requirements for platforms that can manage the vast amounts of data being generated both at the edge and in the data center.” – said Matt Langman, General Manager, Data Platforms Group at Intel. “Intel developed its 3rd generation Xeon scalable processors to deliver performance flexibility and compute power to manage the deluge of data generated both in the data center and at the network edge, where more decisions are increasingly made.” PowerEdge customers can add versatility and flexibility to their server ecosystems, better meeting emerging demands, optimizing value, and powering their innovation engines.

PowerEdge R450 and R550: ideal for small to mid-size organizations

Then we turned our design work toward a different set of needs. The PowerEdge R450 (dual-socket, 1U) and R550 (dual-socket, 2U) are built for affordability and versatility. Ideally suited for light duty virtualization and general-purpose IT, these servers are an ideal fit for value-sensitive and small business customers who demand the latest generation of Intel processors and PCIe technology. These servers include:


  • A mix of processors, up to 24 cores per socket, with PCIe 4.0


  • Support for SAS or SATA drives, not NVMe

These servers give organizations a way to move to the latest technologies while reducing capital expenditure. The R450 and R550 optimize return on investment where workloads don’t demand the fastest processors, storage capabilities, or support for GPUs.

PowerEdge R650xs and R750xs: providing a powerful compute engine while balancing cost constraints

We designed these servers with a customer-driven feature-set optimization that helps organizations get the most value out of their scale-out, software defined infrastructures. The R650xs (dual-socket, 1U) and R750xs (dual-socket, 2U) give customers value-optimized platforms that are perfect for cloud-scale, general-purpose environments that don’t require GPUs. They offer:


  • Up to 32 cores per socket, with PCIe 4.0
  • Support for SAS, SATA, SSDs or NVMe drives

With an ideal selection of CPU, I/O and storage performance for customers growing data centers, these servers give organizations a distinctive way to maximize value without compromising performance.

PowerEdge XR11 and XR12: purpose-built for edge and telecom

The PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 take all the advantages of Dell EMC server design in a new direction. These servers are ruggedized and built with distinctively shallow form factors, intended for challenging environments at the edge. The XR11 (single socket, 1U) and XR12 (single-socket, 2U) are NEBS and MIL-STD compliant servers that are ideal for telco, military, retail, restaurant, and other edge requirements. Built with 16in/400mm deep chassis, these servers offer:


  • A wide range of processor speeds
  • Optane Persistent Memory 200 support
  • Up to 2 GPUs
  • SAS, SATA and NVMe drives
  • Reverse mounting and airflow

The XR11 and XR12 reduce the risk of server failures in challenging environments and work within space constrained environments without compromising essential capabilities or performance. If you need servers that can stand up to heat, cold, dust, vibrations and shocks with a hardened chassis and minimal footprint, these are the servers for you.