HPE builds supercomputer for KTH


New supercomputer for KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology has selected Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build a new supercomputer to bolster R&D for industrial innovation.
  • With a theoretical peak performance of 13.5 petaflops,* the new super computer system will be significantly faster than KTH’s existing system, enabling breakthroughs for a range of industrial areas, including drug design, renewable energy, and advanced automotive and fleet vehicles.

The solution Powered by the HPE Cray EX supercomputer, the system will integrate high performance computing (HPC) technologies, including: 

  • Purpose-built HPC networking using HPE Slingshot.
  • Improved modeling and simulation using next generation AMD EPYC™ processors and AMD Instinct™ GPU accelerators.

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* Performance reached after the two phases of installation of the system have been completed.

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