APC UPS SMC Series Comparison : SMC1000IC and SMC1500IC

The APC UPS SMC series includes the SMC1000IC and SMC1500IC models, which are designed to provide reliable power protection for critical devices in home and small office environments.

The SMC1000IC is a 1000VA/600W uninterruptible power supply that features pure sine wave output, AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation), and a 6-foot power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug. It also includes a LCD screen to display important information such as load capacity, battery runtime, and input/output voltage.

The SMC1500IC is a more powerful model, with a capacity of 1500VA/900W. It has similar features to the SMC1000IC, but also includes two additional outlets for a total of eight, as well as a USB port for charging mobile devices.


Both models have a compact and stylish design, with a black matte finish, and are easy to install and use. They also offer protection against power surges, spikes, and brownouts, as well as battery backup in case of power outages, ensuring that your devices stay powered and protected at all times.


Here’s a comparison between the APC UPS SMC series models, the SMC1000IC and SMC1500IC:

  1. Capacity: The SMC1000IC has a capacity of 1000VA/600W, while the SMC1500IC has a capacity of 1500VA/900W. This means that the SMC1500IC can support more devices or devices with higher power requirements.
  2. Outlets: The SMC1000IC has six battery backup and surge protected outlets, while the SMC1500IC has eight. This means that the SMC1500IC can support more devices without the need for additional power strips.
  3. USB port: The SMC1500IC has a USB port for charging mobile devices, while the SMC1000IC does not. This can be a useful feature for keeping mobile devices charged during a power outage.
  4. LCD screen: Both models have an LCD screen for displaying important information, such as load capacity and battery runtime. However, the SMC1500IC has a larger screen, which may make it easier to read.
  5. Price: The SMC1500IC is generally more expensive than the SMC1000IC due to its higher capacity and additional features.

Overall, the SMC1500IC offers higher capacity and additional features compared to the SMC1000IC, but it comes at a higher cost. The choice between the two models will depend on your specific power requirements and budget.

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