How to Pick the Right UPS for Your Home or Business

UPS The increase in the frequency of severe weather means that power disruptions pose a growing threat to equipment and data within businesses and home offices. Many livelihoods depend on a constant supply of electrical power. Even a temporary stoppage of power can lead to inconvenience, decreased productivity, loss of data, and business interruption. Preparation for power outages does not need to be expensive or complicated because a wide range of affordable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions provide equipment with safe, reliable power, protecting investments and data. A UPS system can act…

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Battery Health Monitoring: A First Step Toward Predictive Capability in UPS Management


The humble battery is responsible for running so many devices, but it usually only draws attention when it drains. In the IT infrastructure, where batteries are necessary for backup power supplies, the attitude toward them isn’t much different. IT professionals in charge of uninterruptible battery supplies (UPSs) typically get the responsibility of UPS management by default and are too busy with a lot of other tasks. But ignoring batteries in power supplies and backup systems can have real consequences. When a power outage occurs, if the backup power system doesn’t kick in because of drained batteries,…

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