Sell HPE AI with confidence


A new training series

  •  We are kicking off the AI Foundations training series to help you have productive conversations with your customers about AI and sell HPE AI Solutions. 
  •  The first course, HPE AI Basics (HPE Sales | Partners), will cover the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning from a business applications point of view, including: 
  •  Why you should care about AI: why AI is important to business, how data analytics evolved to include AI, and why AI is prevalent today
  •  What AI is: the difference between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning, including examples of how models are trained and used in real-world scenarios
  •  How AI is deployed: including a review of industry use cases, the challenges customers encounter when deploying AI, and what infrastructure is needed

Upcoming sessions in the training series

  •  HPE’s AI Strategy
  •  Deep Dive on Customers Challenges
  •  HPE’s AI Value Proposition
  •  Customer Personas
  •  AI Solutions 

Find future courses: HPE Sales | PartnersFor additional AI selling resourcesExplore these briefcases: